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Why Choose Us?

1. Counselling about Japan, it’s culture and opportunities in Japan
2. Excellent Japanese Language Classes along with well packed library
3. Academic as well as career counselling
4. Extra coaching classes for Japanese Language Tests
5. Online classes from Japan
6. Interactive classroom environment and friendly teaching and staff members
7. Basic guideline from Director of Panacea Education Foundation himself in Japan


1. When was Panacea Education Foundation established?
– 17th September 2014
2. Why is Panacea established?
– To make a bridge between the students and the right institution and place in Japan.
– To provide the country with the skilled and developed human resource having a global perspective.
3. How many intakes do you do?
– 3 intakes a year. They are April, July, and October
4. How is your success rate?
– 95%



Panacea has always foreseen itself serving as a bridge between Japan and Nepal through connecting the students to the right institution in Japan. So, Panacea’s vision is to build a trustworthy, reputed medium to provide high-quality international education. In the future, Panacea believes to provide a contribution in Nepalese Human Resource Development by providing the correct path to Nepalese students to earn knowledge which they will utilize after coming back to Nepal.

Japanese Language Course

If you are seeking to take your further education from Japan, there no doubt JAPANESE LANGUAGE is the most to learn at first. The Japanese class in PANACEA start from 6:30 AM–6:30 PM. We provide Japanese language course from our own qualified full-time instructors. Japanese Language Course includes

  •   Hiragana and Katakana course
  •    NAT Course
  •    Special Conversation Course
  •    Special Kanji Course
  •    Special Course for Grammar rules and exercise

Study in Japan

Japan is one of the technology leading countries in the world. Nepalese people are gaining a lot more interest in pursuing their higher education and achieving a good career from Japan. The good relation between Nepal and Japan is making the dream of Nepalese student possible to study there. Their favorable academic environment, higher educational standard Universities in the world are the main attraction of the Japanese educational system. The Japanese Language is the most and the foremost important thing to get admitted to Japanese school. The good base of Japanese language leads the students to the right path and the achievement of their goals in Japan. Japanese colleges and universities have a lot more to offer to international students. A lot more opportunities await the students in Japan. The only thing the potential student needs to do is to choose the right institution to grab the opportunities and get their dreams to come true by studying in Japan.


Panacea Education's Success Rates

Since the start of the Panacea Education Foundation, our sole belief is to give continuous effort. With the help of our team effort, Panacea Education Foundation has been achieving success throughout time. We have succeeded in sending students to Japan through teamwork and effort showing us good results time and again. Along with our good results, we are also receiving good feedback from not only students but also from the schools and universities in Japan. Our sole aim since the very beginning is to deduce the unsuccessful rates to 0 by guiding our students additionally. We believe our aim is achievable through hard work and effort.


  • Samiksha Bhattarai

    My dream to come japan would have been fulfilled by other consultancies too but the journey would never have been this beautiful as with PANACEA. The journey starts with sharpening japanese language, continues with introducing to the best Language school in japan,making sure to get the visa, bidding you good byes at the airport with lots of blessing for future and it doesn’t end there.

  • Yadav Samal Magar

    With the help of Panacea Education Foundation, I am here in Japan. Thank you for providing excellent Japanese language classes and visa procedure.

  • Sujan Adhikari

    After deciding to go to Japan, I was worried about where to study Japanese language. Visiting Panacea Education Foundation for Japanese classes and student application procedure was the best decision I took. Now I’m here in Japan and even the Japanese teachers praise me for my good language skills. Thank you Panacea Education Foundation!

  • Rabina Khadka

    I am proud to be associated with Panacea Education Foundation. Why? Because of the motto of Panacea to improve Japanese language skills of every student, I am having no difficulty in pursuing my goal to complete my further study from Japan.

  • Devi Prasad Khatiwada

    I am currently studying in Nagoya, Japan. Due to excellent Japanese language classes and visa procedure services offered by Panacea Education Foundation, I am closer to achieving my dream.

  • Ashis Dahal

    Worried about learning Japanese language? Worried about procedure for studying in Japan? After joining Japanese language classes in Panacea Education Foundation, I wasn’t worried at all. Thank you Panacea Education Foundation for helping me become proficient in Japanese language and helping me to go to Nagoya, Japan.

  • Ankit Gautam

    I am very thankful towards Panacea Education Foundation for guiding me to achieve my goal to study in Japan. All the Japanese language learning classes really helped me to get a step closer to my dream!


Greate Achievement in Corona Virus Vaccine

21/08/2020 Friday Health

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. The day is reset after midnight GMT+0.

Greate Achievement in Corona Virus Vaccine

21/08/2020 Friday Health

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. The day is reset after midnight GMT+0.