• We are specific for Nagoya, Japan.
  • Will get direct help, support and guidance from Director in Nagoya, Japan
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Namaste! Welcome to Panacea Education Foundation.
I feel very privilege to be an essential part of PANACEA. As PANACEA suggest “Education is Panacea for Life”, we are here to help you to reach your life’s goal by solving all the problem.
With my years of experience, I hope to assist every student for successful academic journey. Our record is the evidence of our commitment and consistency to be the best in one.
I hope to make PANACEA an example for other institution that aspires the future scholar. I believe with the team of PANACEA, I will be able to take students to their divine destiny.

Thank you
Shiva Ram Khadka



1. When was Panacea Education Foundation established?
– 17th September, 2014

2. Why is Panacea established?
– To make a bridge between the students and the right institution and place in Japan.
– To provide the country with the skilled and developed human resource having the global perspective.

3. How many intakes do you do?
– 3 intakes a year. They are April, July and October

4. How is your success rate?
– 95%


Japan is one of the technology leading countries in the world. Nepalese people are gaining lot more interest in pursuing their higher education and achieving a good career from Japan. The good relation between Nepal and Japan is making the dream of Nepalese student possible to study there. Their favorable academic environment, higher educational standard Universities in the world are the main attraction of Japanese educational system. Japanese Language is the most and the foremost important thing to get admitted in Japanese school. The good base of Japanese language leads...



Panacea has always foreseen itself serving as a bridge between Japan and Nepal through connecting the students to right institution in Japan. So, Panacea’s vision is to build a trustworthy, reputed medium to provide high quality international education.

In future, Panacea believes to provide contribution in Nepalese Human Resource Development by providing the correct path to Nepalese students to earn knowledge which they will utilize after coming back to Nepal.



If you are seeking to take your further education from Japan, their no doubt JAPANESE LANGUAGE is the most to learn at first.
The Japanese class in PANACEA start from 6:30 AM–6:30 PM. We provide Japanese language course from our own qualified full time instructors.

Japanese Language Course includes

  •    Hiragana and Katakana course
  •    NAT Course
  •    Special Conversation Course
  •    Special Kanji Course
  •    Special Course for Grammar rules and exercise

Panacea Education's Success Rates


Since the start of Panacea Education Foundation, our sole belief is to give continuous effort. With the help of our team effort, Panacea Education Foundation has been achieving success throughout time. We have succeeded in sending students to Japan through teamwork and effort showing us good results time and again. Along with our good results, we are also receiving good feedback from not only students, but also from the schools and universities in Japan. Our sole aim since the very beginning is to deduce the unsuccessful rates to 0 by guiding our students additionally. We believe our aim is achievable through hard work and effort.