1. Firstly we counsel students about the prospects and take basic information along with academic background confirmation.
  2. Student who wants to enroll in panacea need to be disciplined, honest and hardworking as well as he/ she need to be careful about healthy and hygienic manner by studying Japanese language well and also has to have aim of retuning back to Nepal from Japan by ten years to make peaceful and prosperous family.
  3. 15 to 20 days of taking the class student have to pay admission charge for the admission and must submit application forms and Academic documents.
  4.  Student must bring their parents for the discussion in 1 month of taking classes.
  5. If student leave Panacea after studying one month without applying any Japanese Language School, he/ she won’t get admission charge returned.


  1. We provide an award to the students who passed the N4 level Test.
  2. We provide an award to the students who passed the N3 level Test.
  3. We award high scoring student in JLPT TEST.
  4. We award sincere and hardworking top 3 students on the basis of their performance in class test.
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