About Us

(Explore the World of Opportunities with Us. ) Panacea Education Foundation is a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping the student achieve their goals. Established in 2014 on the belief that every student has the potential to succeed, we are here to guide them to achieve their goals and to make them able to explore a world of opportunities. We build bridges between our students and to the best Japanese Language Schools, Vocational Schools, and Universities in Japan, especially Nagoya. Furthermore, we provide genuine and transparent advice to build long-term relationships with students based on trust and mutual respect. It is our pride that we have achieved good results for our students. We are looking forward to continuing to help each student reach their potential. “You can Believe us in achieving your goal and desired career and we are always here to cooperate with you.


“We Serve You With The Best Advices” Our mission is to provide professional guidance and support to our students, to help them navigate the educational system in relation to their academic goals in Japan. Also, it is our mission to help them adapt to new environments and grow. As such, we educate students about the Japanese language, customs, cultural, norms and values, rules and regulations as well as the differences they will face during their stay in Japan. So, they can deal with them independently and confidently. Our fundamental principle is to help our students to be Discipline, Healthy, Clean, Goal Oriented , Hard working and Honest.


“Get the Right Guidance from Panacea Education Foundation” Our vision is to empower students to reach their full potential and achieve academic goals and careers in Japan through personalized guidance and expert advice so they can have a “Prosperous life and Happy Family in Nepal”. Similarly, Panacea Education Foundation envisions supporting students who returned to Nepal from Japan after being qualified in academics and experience by providing appropriate guidelines and platforms so that they can pursue a career like entrepreneurship and a career of their choice. Also, we advise our student to believe in “Satya, Shivam, Sundaram which means The Truth, The Godliness, and The Beauty” that leads our student to the path of virtue.

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