Our Social Responsibility

Panacea Education Foundation believes in giving good things to society. We are socially responsible, so Panacea Education Foundation always participates in doing good for society. This is how we help society by giving donations and basic materials to people in need. Similarly, we did volunteer work, including cleaning up campaign , donating money and needs to the elderly, orphanage children, and so on.


1. Counselling about Japan, it’s culture and opportunities in Japan
2. Excellent Japanese Language Classes along with well packed library
3. Academic as well as career counselling
4. Extra coaching classes for Japanese Language Tests
5. Online classes from Japan
6. Interactive classroom environment and friendly teaching and staff members
7. Basic guideline from Director of Panacea Education Foundation himself in Japan


Since the start of the Panacea Education Foundation, our sole belief is to give continuous effort. With the help of our team effort, Panacea Education Foundation has been achieving success throughout time. We have succeeded in sending students to Japan through teamwork and effort showing us good results time and again. Along with our good results, we are also receiving good feedback from not only students but also from the schools and universities in Japan. Our sole aim since the very beginning is to deduce the unsuccessful rates to 0 by guiding our students additionally. We believe our aim is achievable through hard work and effort.

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