Harmony in Speech: Panacea’s Japanese Language Showcase Let’s rewind to 28th Jan, 2024 when Panacea N3 Students hosted the Japanese Speech Competition at Pancea Education Foundation. It wasn’t just about who spoke Japanese the best, it was about sharing cool stories and having a blast with their Japanese words! Altogether 14 students participated on this Japanese Speech Competition. For the competition, Arjun Sensei, Bishal Sensei and Rojina Sensei who were Japanese language experts and fans of Japanese culture, were kept as judges. The winner of the Panacea Japanese Language Competition was Sapana Rai. Along with her, Bidhan Dhakal, Khushi Lama and Rajkamal Shahi secured their position of second, thiird and fourth. They were provided amazing prizes and certificates. Not only this, other participants also received certificate and gifts. The stage was lit with participants sharing their tales about Japan. Funny stories had everyone in stitches, while touching moments made us feel a warm connection. In between the speech, short cultural dance performance was performed. Also, snacks were provided for everyone after the competition. This competition wasn’t just about winning or losing; it was about the shared joy of expression and the harmonious blend of voices coming together in appreciation of Japan’s language and culture.

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