Excitement filled the air as a group of spirited students from Panacea Education Foundation Pvt.  Ltd. embarked on a delightful hike to Shivapuri Peak for a memorable dry picnic on 17th May, 2024. In the midst of vibrant greenery and tall trees of Shivapuri, the young explorers embarked on a journey to create unforgettable memories and strengthen their connection with nature.

With the guidance of Mr. Bijay Singh Bohara sensei, thirteen Panacea students started their hike journey from Budanilkantha at 9:30 A.M.  Just after a short hike, they reached to Muhan Pokhari. They got to know about one of the sources of drinking water in the Kathmandu Valley.  The students went on an exciting hike walk along beautiful paths, enjoying the amazing views around them. They felt thrilled as they tackled tough hiking trails and excited to find out all the amazing things in national park’s wild area.

On the half way, they took a short break to take rest and had their breakfast. The students became cheerful to have homemade delicious breakfast brought by Bijay sensei. The students enjoyed the beauty of nature by looking at different plants and animals around Shivapuri Peak. They admired waterfalls, watched colorful birds, and felt peaceful in the quiet surroundings. After 4 hour of hike, they reached to the Shivapuri peak. The students felt stunned to witness such delightful view from the peak.

When the students reached the top of Shivapuri Peak, they eagerly opened their picnic baskets, revealing homemade snacks and drinks. They laughed and talked happily while enjoying their food, making their friendships even stronger in the peaceful setting. Feeling excited by the fresh mountain air, the students arranged fun games. They also played some music, danced and clicked photographs for memories.  They cheered loudly as they worked together making happy memories of friendship and enjoyment. Thinking about how their actions affect the environment, the students joined together to clean up the picnic area. They picked up trash and garbage, making sure the area stayed clean for others to enjoy. This showed their dedication to keeping nature beautiful.

As the day ended, the students said goodbye to Shivapuri Peak, feeling thankful for the amazing time they had in the mountains. They went home with happy hearts, looking forward to their next adventure in nature.

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